Tells the story of seventeen year-old J (Josh) as he navigates his survival amongst an explosive criminal family and the detective who thinks he can save him. As usual, I had to overcome my great inertia in seeing Australian films. And yet again I have been greatly rewarded (the more common flipside is great disappointment). Decided to see this film today...wasn't sure if I REALLY wanted to. Glad I did.
Anyway, this movie seems to draw on a lot real-life events without being a fact based movie. The Walsh St. murders will be brought to mind by one scene in this movie. The matriarch of the family too will bring to mind a well known identity to Australians who live in the city where this is set...Melbourne, Australia.
The plot concerns what happens to a lad - not yet 18 - who has his mother and sole parent die...he moves in with his grandmother, who happens to be the overly-affectionate mother of small time criminals who deal with corrupt police officers.Cast is uniformly excellent...James Frecheville as the orphan Joshua 'J' Cody is suitably expressionless throughout the movie. Jacki Weaver as his grandmother - Janine Cody - shows a lot of sides to her character. And Ben Mendelsohn as J's uncle - Andrew 'Pope' Cody - is creepily solicitous.