As of today it seems like the kulturkampf between Recep Ivedik lovers and Recep Ivedik haters is going on meaninglessly. Out of 404 people who have voted for Recep Ivedik so far 138 people rated it '1' while 118 people rated it '10'. What makes IMDb different from the local cineast sites is that its voting system is more serious and reliable but for Recep Ivedik 3 people seem to have been torn at the two extreme ends. In a TV program named 'cinemania' the creator of the Recep Ivedik character Şahan Gökbakar said: "I have been telling this for two years and I am really tired of repeating it.If people can see movies like Schindler's List in a cinematic way while they are not looking for 'art' in movies like Pink Panther then you can't just look for pure art in Ivedik either." Gökbakar clearly states that Recep Ivedik is a commercial blockbuster. It is a simple mainstream movie of which only aim is to make people laugh.If people do look for more than that in Ivedik it doesn't make sense for them to keep watching the sequels.